Pattern of Worker's Mittens (Code: 1501)

Price: 50.00 грн 50.00 грн

The pattern of working gloves consists of a pattern of the upper inner part, the lower inner part and the pattern of the outer part.

     Warning!!! Pattern is given without allowances for seams.

  Mittens workers are needed to protect the hands from mechanical and abrasive damage.

  Before ordering a pattern, measure the palm girth in centimeters

and select the appropriate size in the input field. Example input on the photo:

   Print the acquired pattern, place the details on the fabric.

 When cutting, take into account that the tail should be folded face with the face of the fabric, circle the pattern and cut out, getting just two parts. This way you will have two parts in mirror symmetry. Do not forget about the allowances for seams.

  The design of these mittens is very convenient and practical. It is not for nothing that they have been sewing working gloves for this pattern for more than a decade now.

   On this pattern you can sew mittens for builders, repairmen and gardeners.

  How much to cut?

1. Upper inside of the mitten - 2 parts

2. Bottom inside of the mitten - 2 pieces

3. Outer glove part - 2 pieces