Pattern of a working women's robe (Code: 1502)

Price: 50.00 грн 50.00 грн

WARNING!!! The robe pattern is provided without seam allowances.

The straight silhouette robe pattern with central side button fastening is an ideal choice for those who want to sew a stylish and comfortable robe with their own hands. This pattern has a slightly flared cut to the bottom, which provides a loose fit and ease of movement.

One of the main elements of this robe is the turn-down collar, which adds charm and elegance to it. Long rolled-in sleeves with cuffs provide extra comfort and warmth in the cold season.

The robe has two lower patch pockets and one upper one, located on a shelf. Also on the back there is a whip on the waist line, which adds additional shape and volume to the robe.

The pattern set contains all the necessary details for sewing a robe:

Whip pattern
Bottom pocket pattern
Upper pocket pattern
Back pattern
Saw pattern
Heel pattern
The pattern of the lower collar
Cuff pattern
Sleeve pattern

Thanks to this set of patterns, you can easily and quickly sew a robe that will become a favorite element of your wardrobe. In addition, you will be able to purchase the size and length of the robe according to your needs. Order a set of patterns right now and make your own masterpiece quickly and easily.